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Dental Kits Tube Catheter Face Mask Non-woven Products



Face Shield

Detailed Product Description
Model No. can4033
Material: the headband is ABS, the mask is PET.
Main Usage: When you are working, it can prevent the oil, water and dust from splashing on your face. This face shield also can be widely used in the medical field. It can prevent the liquid from polluting doctor and nurse's face.

1. Light weight and comfortable.
2. Up-to-date and patented products.
3. Protecting your face skin. You do not worry the hurt of oil to your face again.
4. The material is environment-friendly




Nebulizer Mask

Detailed Product Description
1. Material: ABS/PVC
2. Fave adapted ergonomic mask
3. Optional oxygen supply tubing available
4. Size: S( Pediatric ); M,L,XL( Adult )
5. EO Sterilization

Disposable nebulizer is used together with nebulizer source to assist medicine suction into patient's mouth.




Dental Face Shield

Detailed Product Description
No Distortion Clear Plastic Medical Dental Face Shields With Frame
1.Optically clear, no distortion free wrap-around face shield
2.The hat frame(holds shield away from face, no pressure on temples)
3.Protects face from spatter
4.Anti-fog treatment on inside and outside of shield
5.Elastic band can be adjusted according to your need




Anesthesia Mask

Detailed Product Description
1. Soft , odorless and favorable air-tightness
2. Variety of specifications availabe

1. Transparent mask for good visualization.
2. Available with 6 sizes for different patient's need.
3. 100% medical level PVC material.
4 .Soft air cushion guarantee comfortable and safety seal.

Anesthesia Mask is made of medical materials, innoxious, odorless with favorable transparence. It is 100% latex-free, comply with biocompatibility standards. The soft, inflatable air cushion is intended to a fitting the patient's face, ensure flexibility and air tightness.
1. A standard cuff Ø22/15 mm design, which can be used simple and covenient in clinical.
2. A standard cuff 6% design for the check valve , can be link to syring reliably.
3. It has obtained FDA and CE certificate.