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Dental Kits Tube Catheter Face Mask Non-woven Products



Dental Kit 01

Detailed Product Description
1.Orthodontic dental kit
2. 100% food-grade material
3. Ideal for oral cleaning or travel use
4. Different case packaging
5. Suitable for both children




Dental Kit 02

Detailed Product Description

1. Professional precision manufacturer for more than 15 years
2. Quality control
3.The defective products rate is 0.1%
3.Each part would be given 100% test
4.Best after sales service is provided




Dental Kit 03

Detailed Product Description
1. Toothbrush:all soft bristle with easy grip
2. Tongue Brush:comfortably reaches the very back of the tongue
3. Dental Mirror: helps to check for swollen gums, bleeding gums and tooth decay
4. Dental Pick: Effective for cleaning and dislodging food particles
5. Toothpicks with Floss: combined dental floss and toothpick for easy use
6. Dental Stain Eraser: helps erase heavy plaque buildup and food deposits




Dental Kit 04

Detailed Product Description
Types: Quincke bevel spinal needle, pencil point spinal needle, with introducer needle.
1. Easy to take
2.420 stainless steel
3. Will not break or damage
4. Household/ Dentist can be use