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Medical Needle Tube and Catheter Face Mask



Automatic Biopsy Needle

Detailed Product Description
1. Unique dotting design provides perfect imaging of the needle tip under ultrasound guidance
2. Two-step activation and automatic firing cater for various tissue biopsy needs
3. High velocity throw of the needle ensures perfect samples
4. Ergonomic design allows for ease of use and single hand operation
5. Safety switch prevents accidental mis-firing
6. Perfect visualization under ultrasound guidance, fully automatic sampling




Blood Collection Needle

Detailed Product Description
I. multi-sample Needle/ Through link needle

II. Winged Needle With Luer Adaptor/Piping-link needle
1. The length and angle of needle tip are designed specially for venipuncturing.
2. Venipuncturing edge of needle is applied with silicone to reduce friction.
3. Inner wall of needle is extremely smooth. needle wall is thin enough.
4. For through-link needle, blood flow can be seen in the needle connector while collecting blood, which is convinient and more safe.




Sterile Disposable Dental Needle

Detailed Product Description
1. Sharp Tri-bevel Point, for Maximum Comfort
2. Screw-in System: inch type, metric type
3. Unit Package: Heat-sealed
4. Dental needle is composed of upper and lower protective cap, needle and needle hub.
5. The cannula is precisely processed and siliconized to reduce pain and skin trauma for patients. The needle hubs are color coded by gauge for easier identification.
6. The dental needles are made of medical grade material and sterilized by Ethylence Oxide so that they're guaranteed to be sterile, and free of pyrogen




Spinal Needles

Detailed Product Description
Types: Quincke bevel spinal needle, pencil point spinal needle, with introducer needle.
1. Special design will not hurt the hard spinal theca, close puncture hole automatically and reduce cerebrospinal fluid discharge.
2.Medical grade stainless steel.
3. Needle point enables smooth, sharpness, maximize, patient comfort.
4.Color coded hub by size for clear recognition.