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Dental Kits Tube Catheter Face Mask Non-woven Products



Sterile Urethral Catheter for Single Us

Detailed Product Description
1. Made of 100% imported medical-grade silicone
2. The retention time is within 29 days
3. Silicone Foley Catheter(X-ray) )
4. Soft and uniformly inflated balloon makes tube sit well against the bladder
5. Color-coded check valve for identification of different sizes
6. Length of the Foley catheter; Children: 310mm (with guide wire), adult: 405mm.
7. CE mark
8. Specification: Size(Fr): 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 Balloon volume (ML): 5, 10, 5~15, 20, 30




Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set

Detailed Product Description
1. Excellent green soft-tip.
2. Special formatted bio-compatible TPU catheter material, automatically soften under the body temperature.
3. With sufficiently radiopaque materials, ensure correct placement of the catheter.
4. Withe curved outer extension catheter, make the patient feel more conveniently.
5. with specially-made swing to adjust the tip direction critically.
6. Specially made heparin cap help to avoid infection.
7. With single, double and triple lumen catheter products available.




Endotracheal Tube

Detailed Product Description
Endotracheal Tube:
1. The bevel of patient end is standard angle and is melted smoothly without burr. The tubing is clear and clean.
2. The border of Murphy eye is smooth and without sharp angle.
3. The cuff is soft, long and wide. The feature of high volume and low pressure can reduce the trauma to mucosa.
4. The connection between cuff and main tube is smooth and without sharp angle, the chance of trauma to mucosa can be reduced during the insertion
5. The tube is made from thermosensitive material, it will become soft after being inserted into the trachea without trauma to trachea. The hardness and elasticity of tube is moderate, thus, tube is uneasy to be bended.




Blood Transfusion Tube Set

Detailed Product Description
Product Size: Standard.
Product Description:
Designed for transfusion of blood or blood component
Moulded latex flush ball injection membrane for I
Intermittent medication
Approximately 20 drops / ml
Clear, transparent and soft tubing manufactured
From medical grade PVC
With 200 micron filter and 18 G hypodermic needle
Options available
With or without airvent
With or without Needle
With or without "Y" site (Latex or Latex - free)
Luer lock or luer slip
Packing: PE package or paper-plastic package